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The American Veterinary Distributors Association (AVDA) was established in 1976 as the national trade organization for businesses engaged in the distribution of animal health products.

The primary market for veterinary supplies consists of some 55,000 veterinarians practicing in approximately 25,000 animal health clinics throughout the United States. The total annual sales of these supplies is estimated at over 9 billion dollars. Those products include pharmaceuticals, biologicals, white goods, instruments and equipment, and pet foods.

In addition, some AVDA member companies also serve the OTC market, made up of farm and feedlot operations, poultry producers, farm stores, etc.

Active membership in AVDA is open to firms whose primary business is the wholesale distribution of animal health products, and Associate Membership is for those companies that manufacture the products. Affiliate Membership is open to organizations which function as buying groups for animal health distributors.

AVDA is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, and is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership.

Goals, Objectives & Strategies

AVDA’s Core Purpose:

Continually improving the distribution of animal health related products.


AVDA’s Mission Statement:

AVDA is committed to the success of its members by strengthening the vital link between its members and the animal health industry by providing information, education, advocacy and business tools.


AVDA’s Core Values:

Trustworthiness: Demonstrated by a reputation for honesty and earned respect as a trusted network of animal health professionals.

Cooperation: Demonstrated by a culture characterized by mutual respect, openness to the needs of others, and a genuine commitment to promoting the success of the animal health industry.

Forward thinking: Demonstrated by visionary and proactive leadership that continually improves the distribution of animal health related products.


Big Audacious Goal:

Be the forum where the animal health industry shapes its global future.


Goal A: Information

Manufacturers and distributors, through better understanding of the distributor value proposition, will enjoy a competitive advantage in the market resulting in the ultimate customer experience.

Objectives: Increase manufacturers’ understanding of distributor value proposition; Increase emphasis on positive customer experiences; Increase time spent on mutually beneficial strategic planning goals and objectives.

Strategies: Clearly define and communicate the distributor value proposition; Survey customers bi-annually and share results; establish benchmarks and defined success metrics


Goal B: Relationships & Education

The animal health industry will recognize AVDA as the most trusted source of networking and educational events.

Objectives: Increase participation at all levels of management at all AVDA events

Strategies: Format annual conference to be responsive to different roles of and within member companies; Enhance the NAVC reception; Enhance social media and website presence; Diversify the board with next generation members


Goal C: Advocacy

The distributor model will be preserved and enhanced through favorable legislation and positive public opinion.

Objectives: Increase understanding of the distributor value proposition; Increase alignment with other organizations and associations

Strategies: Align with national and local veterinary groups; Define distributor value proposition


Business Tools Goal:

AVDA will be the authoritative source for industry-wide customer identification and market share information.

Objectives: Increase sources for market share picture; increase uniqueness and uniformity of HIN #’s

Strategies: Gain a commitment for industry-wide database from AVDA members; develop specifications and guidelines for databases

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